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Who is Medella Healthcare, LLC.?

Medella Healthcare, LLC. offers Care Management services throughout the United States. Medella Healthcare, LLC offers Care Management opportunities for LPNs, RNs, License Social Workers, Geriatric Care Managers or Certified Care Managers.

How do you ensure that your employees are qualified?

Freshers-Ribbon-FAQMedella Healthcare, LLC. has developed a thorough pre-employment screening process, which includes a background check. This stringent process helps us select only the top professionals for placement.

What is the best way for me to apply to work at Medella Healthcare, LLC.?

If you are interested in a working for Medella Healthcare, LLC. company you can apply online.

Can I pick up shifts to fit my schedule?

Yes. Medella Healthcare, LLC. place nurses per-diem, full time or part time.  Case assignments vary in location.

Contact us today to learn about our job opportunities to accommodate your schedule.

Am I under any obligation to you after submitting an application?

No. You are under no obligation by applying. After you submit an application, a representative will contact you and start the placement process.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. You can choose a situation that fits you. Medella Healthcare, LLC. offers per-diem, full time or part time positions.

What is the hiring/interview process like?

The hiring process is separated into two steps. The first step in the interview process is to complete an application. Once that is complete and the office is provided with all necessary credentials, the second step is for the applicant to attend an online orientation. During the online orientation the applicant will learn about job duties, job responsibilities, policies and procedures.