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Care Manager Obligations

nursing1. General Duties: The Care Manager shall perform Care Management services for Medella Healthcare, LLC. as described in “Services to be provided by Care Manager”.  “Services to be provided by Care Manager”, may be amended by Network Provider(s) at any time upon notice to Care Manager.

2. Compliance with Standards: Care Manager shall comply with Medella Healthcare, LLC. standards of Customer Care, records submission and confidentiality. Care Manager shall ensure that they conduct themselves in accordance with accepted professional, governmental laws and regulations.

3. Medella Healthcare, LLC Customers: Medella Healthcare, LLC. Clients: Care Manager herby acknowledges that all Medella Healthcare, LLC Clients to whom services are provided under this Agreement are Clients of Medella Healthcare, LLC. and are not clients of the Care Manager.

4. Clinical Records: Care Manager shall ensure that documentation of the care management services provided to Medella Healthcare, LLC.’s Clients is accurately and professionally maintained in accordance with Medella Healthcare, LLC.’s standards. Care Manager acknowledges that all clinical records for Medella Healthcare, LLC.’s Clients generated in connection with services provided here under are the property of Medella Healthcare, LLC.